Outsourcing of Personnel and Wages

The reliability and timeliness of services we provide gives your business safety and comfort for your personnel and management. We give advice on HR issues and we support the selection of the right wage management system.

We offer our Customers:

  • Registration and keeping in touch with tax offices and Social Insurance Institution;
  • Calculation of wages and salaries and development of payroll for the personnel with various employment status including foreigners;
  • Handling of settlement of accounts under civil law contracts;
  • Calculation of social and health insurance contributions;
  • Settlement of personal income tax;
  • Preparation of tax and insurance returns;
  • Effecting payments concerning wages and salaries;
  • Drawing up of full and complete HR documentation required by the Labour Code;
  • Development of by-laws related to the employment relationship: employee rules and regulations, remuneration rules, corporate social fund;
  • HR audits.