Shelf company in Poland

Purchase of a ready-made shelf company in Poland could be a perfect solution for foreign investors instead of establishing a new one. There are many reasons to choose such option.
First of all, nowadays establishing a limited liability company in Poland is time consuming (currently it may take more than a month to register a new company with the VAT number) and the registration process is quite complicated. Moreover, the entire documentation like articles of association or application to the Polish Register Court shall be prepared in Polish. Another issue is opening a bank account, which is crucial to a business activity and is required by the tax authorities. These days banks are obliged by many procedures to perform appropriate audit of the company and its shareholders, which in case of foreign individuals is more complex and time-consuming and requires preparation of a lot of documents. The last but not least problem is that in case of a foreign investor all the source documents, such as excerpts from foreign commercial register, should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator what additionally increases time and costs connected to the set-up.
Thus, purchasing of shares in an already registered shelf company is a more efficient solution from time and costs standpoint than setting up a company from scratch. In such case, the procedure is limited to modification of articles of association of an existing company in front of a Polish notary public (name, share capital, scope of activity, etc., basing to the needs of a new investor), appointment new management board and to the transfer of shares. At the investor’s request such steps may be dealt with through an attorney in fact and they do not require the presence of the investor in Poland.
The risks connected to the purchase of shares in a shelf company are reduced due to the fact that such shelf companies have no prior business activity nor staff which might be a source of potential problems. Instead the investor can start a business activity in Poland immediately through a purchase of a fully registered, fully capitalized, ready-to-go and ready-to trade shelf company with bank account in a cost and time efficient manner.
Just after the transfer of shares the investor receives an entire set of documents of the purchased company, which consist of:
  • Articles of Association;
  • EU VAT Registration;
  • Active bank account in one of the Polish banks;
  • Tax registration numbers for CIT and VAT purposes;
  • Formal confirmation of in the Companies Register.
Please find below the summary of the main benefits resulting from the purchase of shares in a shelf company:
  • Simple and quick transfer of ownership - usually 1-2 days;
  • unlimited business activity stipulated in articles of association;
  • active bank account;
  • company active registration for CIT and VAT purposes;
  • no restrictions for foreign shareholders.
If you are thinking of buying a shelf company in Poland please contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need and help you deal with the purchase of a ready-made shelf company.