PESEL number for foreigners in Poland

Starting from 15 March 2018 financial statements should be submitted only by a natural person whose PESEL number (individual identification number given by the Polish Ministry of IT) is disclosed in the National Register Court. Such person should be disclosed as a member of the management board in the case of limited liability companies and joint stock companies, shareholder/partner authorized to represent a partnership, liquidator, member of the board of the parent company in the case of Polish branches of foreign companies.

Due to these changes the companies where the members of the management board are foreign individuals with no PESEL number may have problems to meet the new requirements. In order to do so, such foreign individual, being member of the management board in a Polish entity, will need to:

• apply for a PESEL number;

• officially inform the National Register Court about the PESEL number;

• register for the ePUAP trusted profile;

• register for a trusted profile in S24 platform of the Ministry of Justice;

• file the financial statements to the National Register Court through S24 platform.

The time necessary to obtain PESEL number may vary upon the backlog in the Ministry of IT and it usually takes the authorities between 5 and 20 working days to issue such number.

Moore Stephens Central Audit can assist you in the abovementioned procedure of obtaining PESEL number. Please note that we may prepare all the applications related to the PESEL number and forms to National Register Court on the basis of the power of attorney.

In order to provide our assistance in the procedure on obtaining a PESEL number, we need the following documents/information:

1. Power of Attorney (we provide the template for your signature)

2. Copy of passport (pages containing personal data, series and passport number and expiry date)

3. The following data, which needs to be indicated in the PESEL application form:
  • first name, surname
  • date and country of birth
  • country of residence
  • citizenship:
Please note that we can also assist you with obtaining the ePUAP trusted profile: we can prepare the application form and arrange the meeting in one of the Polish consulates around the globe, in order to confirm the authenticity of your signature by a consular officer.

If you need more information or you have additional questions regarding PESEL number, please contact us.