Corporate Finance

We offer consulting services concerned with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions (both on the Buyer’s and Seller’s side);
  • raising of venture capital and private equity from investors and at the stock exchange.
Additionally we offer our Customers support during the overall investment process comprising due diligence and running of negotiations.
We offer our Customers:​
  • due diligence audits (including pre- and post-acquisition audits) – covering financial and tax aspects;
  • litigation support – support extended during litigation between transacting parties concerned, among others, with calculation of incurred losses /foregone profits, correctness of company valuation (including amounts under earn out clause and clause concerning the fulfilment of the terms and conditions of the share /interest sales agreements and their financial consequences);
  • data room analyses;
  • assessment of transactional risk;
  • enterprise valuation;
  • audit of the correctness of mergers on accounting grounds (purchase accounting);
  • involvement in negotiations (orchestration of negotiations) and in transactions (price estimation, protective clauses);
  • monitoring of post-acquisition situation (price guarantees, transaction accounting treatment, optimization of transaction terms and conditions);
  • post-merger integration (PMI);
  • advice on M&A, including financial, tax and accounting aspects;
  • development of analyses and business plans.