Banking & Financial Institutions

Taking into account the specifics of banking and financial institutions' operations as well as their demand for audit, tax and business advisory services, we offer the following range of services:

  • Attestation of financial statements of borrowers - Periodic and annual financial audits and reviews to confirm credibility of borrowers' financial statements
  • Reviews of terms of mergers, amalgamations and divisions - Reviews of terms of M&A and divisions of customers of the bank and its portfolio companies in accordance with requirements od Code od Commercial Companies
  • Verification of compliance of financial ratios - with convenants resulting from credit contracts, lease arguments etc.
  • Due dilligence - Financial and tax due dilligence audits (pre- and post- closing) of LBO transactions financed by credit
  • Independent valuation - Valuation of entities and companies' shares securing a bank loan
  • Issue prospectuses - Drafting issue prospectuses of share issue supported by bank
  • Impairment tests - Carrying out impairment tests of borrowers' assets and credit securities provided by bank
  • Tax advisory services and tax reviews - Current tax advice, tax opinions, tax reviews for bank's portfolio
  • Outsourcing - Accounting and payroll highly qualified personnel outsourcing for portfolio companies
  • "Transfer pricing" documentation - Preparation of transfer pricing documentation for transactions between bank and related entities